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Setting a goal and expected results

Clients achieve different results, based on where they want to be and what they are prepared to do to get there. First, it’s important to remember that what’s hard for one person is easy for another. But it’s also important to remember that your body (and life in general) doesn’t care if it’s easy or hard for you, you just need to take certain actions in order to get certain results! Part of my job is to help you align what you’re able to do with your goals, but I can’t change reality and I can’t work miracles, so it’s important that you align your expectations with your actions.

It’s also important to remember that, in terms of fat loss, there are a number of ways to measure progress. Scale weight. Body measurements. Photos. Clothing fit. We usually use a combination of these to track progress but without doubt, clients who make the most dramatic progress, drop a decent amount of body weight because, fundamentally, fat weighs something – if you’re 12 stone and 25% body fat, then 3 stone of that weight is body fat! Also, bear in mind that, as well as losing weight, I’d expect most people to improve their health, strength and fitness. It’s not like Slimming World where people lose two stone of fat AND muscle – it’s a completely different look!

So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at the possibilities. These have been compiled from the results of hundreds of clients over many years.

A few clients achieve around 16-18%

The top performing clients on a fat-loss plan lose around 16-18% of their body weight in the first 12 weeks. For someone who’s not far away from their ultimate goal, this might pretty much get them there. For example:

Going from 10 stone 3, to 8 stone 7, would be 16% (-24lbs).

For someone who is in the obese category and wants to get to a healthy BMI, it might be a longer term project but they can get off to a decent start in just a few weeks. For example:

Going from 17 stone, to 14.4, would be 16% (-38lbs).

In order to achieve these kind of results, however, they don’t deviate at all from the nutrition plan. It requires a lot of dedication and certainly isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who want to go at it with complete and utter focus and think they can sustain it for 12 weeks.

They are absolutely laser focused! They combine a resistance training programme with IMMACULATE nutrition (including cutting out alcohol for 12 weeks) and 15-20k steps per day.

These are the clients who tell their friends to get lost they are nagging them and encouraging them to drink and eat whatever. When they go out for a meal they chose food and drink that fits their calorie/macros goals, not what everyone expects them to have,

Many of them go out socially quite a lot but they prioritise their nutrition and their goals over drinking and eating the same as everyone else.

They are very headstrong and focused and don’t give a flying 🦆 what their friends are doing because they didn’t want to look like their friends. It’s not for everyone but that’s pretty much what it comes down to, to make that kind of progress.

The other factor that comes in is how much you’ve got to lose. If you are +6 stone from your goal then you probably would lose a slightly bigger percentage, faster but, it generally works out somewhere around those numbers.

Obviously the harder you go at it the more restrictive it is, but you could also argue that it’s better to just suck it up get it over and done with and then we can start levelling out and ease off on the gas. This is really an individual choice. Some people prefer to take it easier for longer. Some people just want to get fast results by putting in the effort up front.

  • Virtually perfect dietary adherence
  • Eating for results not pleasure
  • 15-20k steps per day
  • Regular resistance training
  • Minimum 8 hours sleep every day (Sleep is when you recover and grow)
  • No excuses – everyone is busy, not just you
  • No going AWOL if they have a bad day – just put it to one side and refocus with renewed vigour

The majority of clients achieve around 10-12%

The majority of clients lose around 12% in the first 12 weeks. This does take a reasonable amount of effort and focus on the goal. The inputs are exactly the same, calories/steps/adherence – just less intense, less strict and less consistent. This is still a very good return! To use the examples from before:

Going from 10 stone 3, to 9 stone 2, would be 10% (-15lbs).

Going from 17 stone, to 15.4, would be 10% (-24lbs)

The minimum we’d expect would be around 5-6%

The minimum we would expect would be 5-6% with a few consistent tweaks in dietary habits and moving a bit more.

Using the same examples:

Going from 10 stone 3, to 9 stone 9, would be 5% (-8lbs).

Going from 17 stone, to 16.2, would be 10% (-12lbs)