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How much protein, fat and carbs should I eat?

Q: How much protein, fat and carbs should I eat?

A: There are so many daily recommendations for things like protein, carbs, healthy fats, fibre, micronutrients, water etc that, when in a calorie deficit, it may be hard to hit all the daily recommendations. Therefore, I take the view that, for some people, the best thing they can do for their health is to get in a calorie deficit and eat mainly unprocessed, whole foods, in order to get to a healthy body weight, whilst doing the best they can with the other things.

Once calories are increased to maintenance level, we can then start to focus as much as possible on hitting the other things.

You can find the daily recommendations in the nutrition plan. A decent amount of protein will help with weight loss as it’s very filling and helps to build and repair muscle (read more here).

In terms of the make-up of carbs and fats; some people prefer more carbs, some prefer more healthy fats. Go with what you prefer! It might be different on different days but as long as you are hitting your calorie and protein targets, you’ll be fine!