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How many calories should I eat?

Q: How many calories should I eat?

A: As many calories as possible whilst making progress towards a sensible goal!

If you can achieve your goal on 3000 cal then, great, go for it! If you need to reduce them to 1800/1500/1200 or whatever then, hey, that’s life, nothing of value comes easily!

A good starting place for most people is 1400 for women and 1700 for men, but that’s just a ballpark figure based on NHS recommendations. If you’re a 5 ft 1 and in the obese category than likely you’ll need a different target to someone who‘s skinny and 6 ft 3.

Remember, if you’re losing weight and body fat then you’re in a calorie deficit. If you’re not – you’re not! Just track and adjust, if needed.

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