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“Don’t lose any more weight”

Anyone who’s made significant progress will be able to relate to this.

Friends and family are not trying to sabotage you – they just don’t know any better.

I’ve seen it so many times when clients have lost a few stone but are still obese or significantly overweight, and their loved ones are telling them not to go any further. In 99% of cases, it’s honestly not jealousy, and they aren’t trying to hold you back. It’s just that, as human beings, we struggle with change, and it’s too big a change for them to reconcile!

Their brain is telling them, “That’s how you look. That’s how you’ve always looked. That’s how you should look. That’s you!”

That’s why one of the qualities of my best performing clients is being able to discern valuable feedback, from well-meaning but biased/invalid feedback. Not to mention being headstrong, and a leader, not a follower.

They’ll say, “No! I’ll be who I want to be, not what my environment, genetics, poor choices in the past have made me!” They understand that they get to choose their destination and be who they want to be!

I can remember it myself, my friend’s dad telling me I needed to eat more because I was losing too much weight (because I wasn’t drinking 10 pints of lager, smoking a packet of fags and eating crap 24/7) 🤦‍♂️.

Top tip…

When you get to Stage 3, and the people who said you were going too far inevitably ask for advice, just say:

“Sure I can help! I charge £X an hour…🙊”