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Do I need to count calories in order to lose weight?

Q: Do I need to count calories in order to lose weight?

A: No! You just need to be in a calorie deficit. Your body doesn’t know whether you are counting or not!

Of course it’s possible to lose weight without counting calories – you just need get into a deficit. The issue is, if you’re not tracking then how do you know? You’re leaving it to chance!

When you track what you’re eating against your progress you can see whether what you’re doing is working – you’re not just guessing!

You also learn about nutrition and food. For example, what’s the lower calorie option – pre-packaged mashed potato, sweet potato, or root vegetable mash? Does it matter?

You can just clean up your diet and eat healthily but what if you’re eating 4000 calories a day of healthy food? Great for good health, possibly not so great for fat loss!

If you’re working from a limited meal plan you’ve no freedom to make these decisions for yourself and often end up feeling like you’re cheating! Not good for a healthy long-term relationship with food!

  • What happens when you want a pizza?
  • What happens if you want a piece of birthday cake or fish and chips at the seaside?
  • What if there’s a party and you want some drinks?

Our most successful clients can do all of that without any guilt because they know exactly what they are eating and can plan accordingly. Not only do they achieve their goals at a pace that works for them, they’ll often be heard discussing both the good food and junk food they’ve eaten with no guilt or frustration.

Many of our clients eat chocolate every single day. Some of our clients have a glass of wine or a gin fairly regularly, and still make brilliant progress.

So, we recommend tracking your food, at least for a few months, so you build up an understanding of what macros and calories are in most foods, and what kind of numbers your body needs in order to lose fat and maintain/increase muscle.

You’ll also have the knowledge and understanding to make choices that fit into everyday life. You’re not restricted to a meal plan that gives you no leeway. “From education comes freedom!”

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