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1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching programme

What is 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching?

  • Helping you to define, refine and achieve YOUR goals
  • A process of education
  • Daily support via WhatsApp
  • A scientific approach to achieving your goals through appropriate nutrition
  • A platform where we look for honesty, not perfection
  • Helping you to break through the plateaus
  • Helping you to understand what you should be doing to achieve YOUR goals
  • Helping you to put the “bad” days into perspective
  • Helping you to manage your own expectations

What 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching Isn’t!

  • A meal plan
  • Me telling you what your goals should be
  • Something where you should be worried about letting me down – this is YOUR goal!
  • An all-or-nothing approach

How does 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching work?

  • We’ll identify and clarify YOUR goals
  • We’ll create a sensible plan that is aligned with your goals, timescales and mindset
  • I’ll helping you to remove the guess work by tracking your calories and macros on a daily basis
  • You’ll become comfortable recording and monitoring your body weight to identify any patterns and assess progress

What doesn’t matter?

  • Your weight
  • Your age
  • Your fitness level
  • Your goal (whether it’s a few pounds or a few stones).
  • Whether you want a six-pack, or just to fit into a smaller dress / trouser size.

What matters?

  • You have an “Internal Locus of Control (see below)”
  • You can see past social convention and habits, and want to make your goals your priority
  • You’re more interested in your goals, and making progress with your life, than doing what everyone else does

The term ‘Locus of control’ refers to how much control a person feels they have in their own behaviour.

People with an “internal” locus of control perceive themselves as having personal control over their behaviour and are therefore more likely to take responsibility for how they behave. They believe their actions are guided by their personal decisions and effort, rather than luck or the external environment. In contrast, a person with an “external” locus of control perceives their actions to be the result of external influences or luck, and are more likely to make excuses. People with an internal locus of control are better at resisting social pressure to conform, perhaps because they feel responsible for their actions.

Lean and Healthy!

You’ve seen the pictures of my 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching clients looking phenomenally lean and toned, but health is always at the forefront of everything I do. In general, my leanest and most toned clients are also the healthiest.

My 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching clients:

  • Get stronger!
  • Get fitter!
  • Lose body fat!
  • Gain muscle!
  • Eat more whole foods!
  • Drink less alcohol!
  • Eat less junk food!
  • Have more energy!
  • Will probably live longer!
  • Have better quality of life!
  • Sleep better!
  • Feel more confident!
  • Feel less stressed and worried about their weight and their body!
  • Feel more in control of their nutrition!

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